Everything about buying computers

Q: My computer is very expensive/very cheap. Will I be despised?
A: If you don’t have a computer, you will definitely find it very difficult to do work or study

Q: Buy computer now or wait for prices to drop again?
A: Now that the average lifespan of notebooks is about three years, they are generally eliminated because performance cannot keep up with the times.
If you select a notebook of $,1000  the potential cost of losing over two months exceeds $60
By the way, e-commerce websites such as Lazada and Qoo10 regularly run big discounts of up to $100 and above with Qoo10 cart coupons and Lazada promo codes every month or so and there is no harm waiting for the next big sale to get your desired computer

Q: Buy a laptop or a desktop?
A: For the rookie, it is generally recommended to buy a notebook; if you know a little about computers, you can consider buying some parts and assembling your own computer, and then bring a tablet computer or an old notebook to deal with moving scenes.

Q: Buy online or in a physical store?
A: It is advisable to go to the store first and then buy it online. Lazada and Qoo10 generally sell computers at cheaper prices especially with the discount codes. Things and the physical store are the same, the warranty is the same, the price is much cheaper.

Q: Why is it cheaper online?
A: The sales volume is large, the competition is fierce, and the storefront and labor costs are low. The most critical point is that even if the physical store sells more expensively, someone is willing to buy it, so the physical store price will be higher.

Q: What factors need to be considered when purchasing a laptop?
A: Price Appearance Brand Display Size Processor Graphics Card


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love Words


One should always be in love.
That is the reason one should never marry.


Loving unconditional means
forgiving and learning to live with his imperfections.
Because in the end you’ll realize
that’s what you love the most.


Those who hate most fervently
must have once loved deeply;
those who want to deny the world
must have once embraced
what they now set on fire.


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Women do not ask for much

Women do not ask for much

Some things

Looks very important

Actually not so important

On the contrary, also

“You think I do not stick stick today ? ”

” …… .”

” I do not let you be very comfortable ? You say ah ? ”

” …… .”

Some people say that women are hearing animals, but the symptoms some men , but also seriously than women , especially in bed .

Asked again and again , to rely on words to get affirmation, in return, not supercilious , cold feeling , or is false love pretending to answer.

Why not use the body to feel it ?

To ask , really be able to increase the confidence it?

Men always think women care about the little things that are window dressing , put a lot of important things as a very important thing.

But in fact, only do not understand women , men think that what is important ? Work ? Is your family ? Is the car ? Watches ? Or performance in bed ? The size and length of time between SIZE peers ?

Men always think women put a lot of effort spent on unimportant things stick , trivial little things for the tragedy , care to care to go. But careful retrospect , if you ask them, they can always tell a reason to .

Be a man, but always appear inexplicable insistence, I do not know what kind of stick stick .

Nevertheless , women still love men, men can not be separated woman.

After all, everyone will have a different addiction , whether it is men and women .

Therefore , after quarrels, or skelter, or change the subject , or continue to love a very tough battle , Nanfennanshe .

Difficult for us to really think about standing on each other’s position , there is no way to truly understand each other 100% in the end what is needed , what do you want ?

We can not force the other to change for themselves , just as they can not change themselves to meet each other the same.

Everything , we need to run, the run for a long time , will be able to find a solution, or else blow up , or else find a mutually acceptable way to move on.

Man , that ‘s a lot of women want ; women are always looking forward to a lot of men can give.

In fact , women want much, do not expect men to be too much .

Women want, maybe it really is just a very sincere , warm hug . Whether in joy after , or come home from work . In her sad or happy joy when .

They did not want a rational, not a suggestion , not a passion , nor is analyzed .

They just want a hug and let her know that you at her side , will accompany her through everything together , let her feel at ease , to rely on her .

Do you think it is important in bed , rhetoric is very important, very important matter of life or SIZE important and lasting importance.

Of course , some of the basic conditions is to have , but it ‘s really not much to be a woman . Do not always force them not to say they do not know you, do not deny them.

They are also very helpless , like you will need a lot of recognition.

Performance will feel that you have enough good, thoughtful insufficient time , no way she was very satisfied when selfish desires .

However , a sincere hug , you can always replace a lot of words.

Woman, much to the fact ,

But, what you give up ?

She felt .

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Read these words every day

Read these words every day

1 , never explain yourself to anyone. Because people like you do not need to , not like you would not believe .

2 , do not let someone become a priority in your life , when you are just an option in their life time . The relationship between people only when it reaches equilibrium with each other , the most appropriate operation

3 , wake up every morning , we have two simple choices , go back to sleep , keep dreaming , or wake up and chase the dream , the choice is in your hands .

4 , we care about our people always make us cry , and the total for those who never care about our people cry , and we care for those who will never cry for our people , which is present in real life, strange but true , Once you know , change is not too late .

5 , do not o’clock in the joy promised not to answer when sad , do not make a decision in anger . Think twice , to make wise behavior

6 , time is like water . You can never touch the same water twice, because the passage of water has not come back , and enjoy every moment of life !

7, when you keep saying you are very busy , they never get the space , when you keep saying you have no time , you ‘ll never get the time , when you’re going to say it again tomorrow , for tomorrow you never come .

8 , bother , do not forget to smile ; then anxious , but also pay attention to tone ; no matter how tough , do not forget to adhere to ; tired , but also love yourself.

9 , low-key life , you will once again robust than ; high-profile work , you will fine every time .

10 , do not forget the past , when successful ; Do not forget the failures in the future.

11 , is expected to get to work , no hope do not mind, would look good posture , regardless of winning or losing .

12 , life is not a single line, a road leads nowhere, you can turn.

13 , the chemical composition of tears and sweat are similar , but the former only in exchange for your sympathy , the latter can you win success

14 , Growing old is compulsory in life, become mature is elective.

15 , in order to exercise -oriented, learn healthy ; to repair progress oriented, learn to seek knowledge ; moral oriented , learn ; to adapt oriented, learn to survive .

16 , the four basic principles of life : how to choose and learn to give up, loneliness , withstand the temptation.

17 , when everyone is low-key , you can high-profile , but not out of tune .

18 , learn to forget the technology of life , learn to smile is the art of living.

19 , what is good work : one does not affect the lifestyle, the second does not affect the family reunion , the three feed their families .

20 , like rust , consumes more than physical exertion .

21 , the best way to make dreams come true is to wake up.

22 , philosophers worry , the wise man always happy . Not because he loved all have , but to have everything he loves

23 , life there are a few things absolutely can not lose : homemade strength, a cool head, hope and confidence.

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Once proud to show off , now powerless screams…

Dragging numbness shell back room, throw himself on the bed. Day and night without eating , without sleep , but do not feel the slightest bit tired, the spirit can prevail over the flesh yet ? Ridiculous ! It was numb, can only feel like a piercing pain. Blankly at the ceiling, bright lights has become so pale . Out the window all the buzz at the moment with me. Stubborn close my eyes and hope I wake up amnesia , forget before all : sweet memories , loved ones . But a close eye goes face will appear , then the familiar faces , so heart-warming smile, the moment was so unfamiliar. Stranger to it ? To really like a stranger , stranger let me rather die do ? Allow me to tears like Quan strangers do ? Thus the same times as the corpse on the bed , and again wiped away tears , again and again the blurred …… Hurt Quotes

Think of Me/No More Tears

Think of Me/No More Tears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Habitual pick up the phone and want to see if there the familiar picture flashing . When you see the broken screen reflected my face , suddenly shocked : We have the Ben stranger it. Looking at the broken screen , with the same mood at the moment . Warm heart was frozen into the ice , and then gently knock , broken into numerous blocks. Just like a naughty child broke beloved porcelain doll , trying to think together into its original appearance , but his hands were sharp fragments bloody thorn when it is found all in vain , only to sit in a large cry ……
Turn on the computer , having a bit of things to do, to shift his attention , so he was no longer so painful , but it seems everything is on the computer all happy now that once distressed shadow …
We broke up ? Yes, we broke up. Those that I have set before you flaunt … I have set before you boast swagger that claims to never break his TV drama of love, now I’m lost, lost in the mess ! You laugh at me, hit me ! So I could only realize just how stupid , so I might take from a pit dug inside his earlier climb out …
Into the bathroom , open shower , washed with ice-cold water despite my numb shell. Good Hope was all OK and now the wounds can be like this , like ice-cold water , quickly flow away , never to return to my mind …… just … that possible? Looking at himself in the mirror opposite , as if overnight spent a hundred years of life , like so haggard but there is no vicissitudes. That bloodshot eyeballs like facing death row at the same cut , tell their own unwilling. Feeling of water rushing down along his body , tears can not tell what is and what is water. Looking at yourself in the mirror , asking over and over again with : Your indifferent it ? Your pride it ? Do you laugh it off ? Why so unpromising , plagued others, but also hurt themselves …… the only answer I splashed cold water over the body sounds …… good hate ! Closed his aching eyes, lingering nightmare over and over again as the screen flashed ……
Came to the restaurant , which will usually think of food now drooling like Juela : bitter , pale ! But also endured the crest of the stomach , like poison seems to get them to swallow . Because at least they ‘ll let my shell move, to show people that I’m still alive … that meet the waiter ‘s face when paying at the moment makes me envious.
Walking the streets in the evening , watching from passers various expressions : or happy, or sad , or angry , or confused, I do not know how many of them have also recovered sentimental. My pain , perhaps they ‘ve experienced , perhaps they have not experienced , or perhaps they are experiencing . But all in all , I can not now clear of bystanders . The cool breeze blew through the city streets, brush hair from the passers-by , the road dust also will be dancing , but also the way dry my tears from his eyes . Which just did not go with Mama heart of Shame ……

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Unable to escape the feelings of sadness from knowing you once

Taste too much emotion , leaving only one person alone write their own narrative , but also a miss , but also a writing, turned , tears, crying, laughing , until the remaining blank piecemeal !

Purple hope, in love that your cold years, I turned, looking back past where the laughter or sadness, or a similar number of distinct fragments , some of the lingering melancholy sadness or tempting thoughts, I suddenly remembered , I have , so loved, I loved, I have to wait for your concern, until I closed the heart . I am afraid of being alone , but every day back lonely world . Only think about you some happiness , happiness was a bit sad , so-called the most memorable, is never remembered , but never forget .
Light years time , I would like to bypass the dream of the injury, silent accompany you in this noisy bustling place , silently staring you . I smile, I know, I love you. Sad Love Quotes And Sayings

And I'm up while the dawn is breaking Even tho...

And I’m up while the dawn is breaking Even though my heart is aching I should be drinking a toast to absent friends Instead of these comedians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was fourteen years old in the fall of that year , I fell in love with you, you are a naive girl , I was deeply hide her in my heart , in my own way silently in love with her. I bought a day early breakfast, and then stood in front of the fourth floor of the classroom waiting for her appearance , like a few months ago, I wait for you , even though you always come late. I chose the last one leaving the afternoon , only to flee to miss her back, silently watching , I let my soul for such as I would protect her , let her not a little hurt , and as I watch you leave school , although sometimes our class school late , but I chose to walk there from your classroom door , just to see you again , I thought as I can see you gone , but forget that he has been stuck in your corner guard .

I’m always at the origin innocently waiting, waiting for a never ending there . Do not know how to love , and as of July this year, I say brave people who have loved me , I’m waiting to her address , I sent a letter in the past , told her I wanted to see her once, in August I took himself bought her her favorite cartoonist Jimmy all the comics, seeing it is silent . She still had pure, not infected society something evil wind . But I did not expect to have excellent grades , she is not even finish high school , but chose to work in a pharmacy . I gave the book to her own hands , she was so shallow smile , an instant success the years beautiful. We in the village outskirts , cool breeze blowing , we chatted with each other in the past, but I know that we no longer possible to go back to three years ago, the fall of that year, fourteen -year-old boy with thirteen -year-old girl only will never go back to live in the past .

She said she was cherish life , she was very grateful I’ve loved her, she will cherish this pure feelings, in front of her I always smile , I said I do not ask anything else, I just hope that I able to attend your wedding, looking at you happy . Ten o’clock at night , I sat there empty train , looking out the empty landscape , the long heart-breaking inadvertently spread wet his face . Perhaps the person’s life can love many times, however, there is always one person can make us laugh the most brilliant , crying most thorough , and I think the most profound . I always do not know how to love , silly to say she left two years after heart love , but I love to put a long forgotten will degenerate.

Some sad , some sank . But I knew I had put down the share of grief , would escape the feelings , but you have yet appeared in my world. I looked on your shadow inevitable night and remembered your name , I put all of your beauty sown in my every dream . I love all the good in the world , fantastic things, those things like you just as beautiful, kind , but I am afraid that will put on the same story. Once again, I chose to escape , I deleted your QQ, broke my long for . Stopped to write a four-year diary, chopped once beautiful . But why do I wake up in the night again and again , and again insomnia. I want you to forget millions of times , but millions of times to remind you .

I suddenly remembered that he wrote in his diary : Tianchang is long, the older it is long. I want to know. My requirements are very low , only hope to remember you ten lifetimes , to World XI , I just do not know what a ground stone !

Perhaps fate, I could not resist , I can only give in your shadow, your everything .

I think if I Xinmaitong still beating , I will not let you have a nostalgic, beautiful time of the water in slowly fade away . I tried to set his own shadow around the sun , and then appear in your dreams , I hope I’m in your world, can occupy a grounds , no longer as before , in your world of sadness and helplessness . If one day you still remember me, I will tell you, in fact I’ve been waiting for you ; if one day we pass, I would stopped, staring you back away , telling myself that I have personally loved . I always remember a long time ago , and I have met a man called me when silly pig skull , and I looked at her in the wind, a warm smile the way , so it really wanted a pig skull like chuckling . In those days I will always engraved in mind, never melts .

Pighead , do not ask you deeply remember my whole life , just do not forget your world I came .

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Far Horizon, Insomnia from Missing You

Quiet night Wind Whispers

Evokes thoughts in mind

Nama is affecting sadness

Inadvertently falling in between the eyebrows

Su Wei Liang, holds a lonely Biduan Saying I Love You

Insomnia smiley

Insomnia smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want to use the text for you to fill in the mind annoying chatters a tie


You say, your return will not be too far away

I said, I wait for this life unchanged

Oath drunk sweet heart also wetting his eyes

Looking to the other side of the vast horizon

I’m kind of a heart on the banks of sparkling white lotus

Bustling three thousand, only if your heart is spotless glass


Chilian has not changed

Amidst have been filled in the mortal world

Lack of full moon from the moon

Fallen from a tree and flowers to pieces

Flowing under either nib affectionate tenderness

Stained the pages and pages of plain white fragrant memo


Cut a beautiful fleeting

Woven into a colorful picture

Firmly in the palm

Accompany you all the way is still warm

Despite a long and arduous journey traveled

You’ll always be beautiful in my life met


Kite flying miss

Will be a curtain charming thoughts

The white moon in the water filled

Far horizon, missing sleep

I would sit there in time flowers

Waiting, waiting for you to come back that day

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